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Tuesday, September 02, 2014
Christ in You the Hope of Glory

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 "Discovering Life from the Inside Out"

Christian Living Ministries is a non-profit discipleship ministry, dedicated to the welfare and spiritual advancement of the body of Christ.
CLM endeavors to address the haunting question - "What is the Christian life and how do we live it?"

The Christian life has traditionally been defined by theological belief systems that attempt to attach men to the adherence of commands, regulations and ordinances. Believers have been made to believe that the more committed, consecrated, and self-sacrificing they are, the greater Christian they become. This unfortunately is a deception that gives many a false sense of acceptance, significance, and favor with God and their peers.  There is just one problem with this belief system.  No one can live the Christian life!  It is humanly impossible. The Christian life can only be lived as Jesus Christ expresses Himself through His redeemed ones.  It is not accomplished by our living for God, but rather living from God. Some call this the "exchanged life" or "the crucified life" that is spoken of in Galatians 2:20; however CLM prefers to call this the Christ life. The authentic Christian life is Christ living His life in us, through us and as us.  It is the desire of Christian Living Ministries to bring every believer into an understanding and assurance of who they are in Christ and all they possess in Him. Christian Living Ministries functions as a support ministry, to the body of Christ, by hosting conferences, counseling, retreats and other outreach endeavors.  We invite you to discover for yourself this wonder life of Jesus Christ.  


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